Ridge Racer – the original is still the best…


It took me a while to get good at Ridge Racer but I never tired of it.  Ever.  That said, I wasn’t always having fun because Ridge Racer is not without it’s faults.  For instance, the announcer was entertaining for the first 5 minutes of play and then he became really, really annoying.  When I wasn’t winning, that voice (and the repetitive 4 or 5 phrases) was like nails on a chaulkboard, taunting me with every word.  The other source of frustration was the “Devil” car…a Black exotic that you will race one-on-one to win the game.  I recall many angry, cursing attempts to defeat him because he is FAST.  One wrong move and you might as well give up to try again.  It’s tough…

The technique that works best for fast lapping is DRIFTING!  This game actually teaches you how to control slides and countersteer properly because the cars slide so easily.  Ridge Racer could actually be the first drifting game (but don’t quote me on that).

I wonder why Ridge Racer isn’t available to download on the xbox arcade or the playstation store.  I believe you can get Ridge Racer 4 on the playstation network, but it’s just not the same.  In my book, the original Ridge Racer is the best.

The wall.  Sigh

The wall. Sigh


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