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Project FC3S Time Attack

No, the FC RX-7 isn’t a leaderboard car, and mine won’t run anywhere close to the top times.  That said, I still love this car.  The FC is light, balanced and the stock rotary motor revs like crazy and has a nice flat torqueband useful for powering out of corners without excessive shifting.

This one is built for Class A use and is stripped out, caged and has race tires and about 340hp.  If I had the means, this would be my dream car to build in real life for track use.



FD Powered Miata

This is just a fun project car…an FD RX-7 Powered Miata.  The combination of the Miata being so light to begin with AND the wide powerband of the 13B rotary motor makes this a joy to play around with.

I like to tweak this car and put it head-to-head with my supercharged Lotus Exige as they are pretty similar kinds of projects.  I’ll post a comparison soon…