Chasing tenths

I am not what you’d call a “people person.”  At work, I am generally a quiet contributor.  While the office is typically buzzing with the usual chatter ranging from TV shows, gossip and assorted personal issues, I am usually absorbed in my work.  I am more comfortable as an observer and it keeps me free of distraction so I can concentrate on more important things (like pivot tables hehe).

When I sit down to play a racing game, it is usually the same story…I race alone.  Every so often I’ll join an online race, but I usually get annoyed by anyone who insists on using their headset just as easily as the guy who has to purposely crash into everyone.  So, I race alone.  In Forza 4, I’m usually playing in test-drive mode (where I can tune while driving) or doing hot laps.  The goal is to go lap after lap, trying to beat my best time.  After about 5 laps I can usually get into a nice groove.  Soon after, lap times get very consistent and I’ll start chasing tenths of a second here or there using my ghost as a competitor.  I’ll try to out brake my ghost, or carry more speed through a corner or try a different line all in order to post my best possible time.

The other day, I was trying to post my best time with an A600 rated NSX on the Maple Valley course (a favorite of mine).  I had a couple of NSX’s in my garage and I tried 2 of them with different tuning philosophies.  I chose the older 1992 NSX-R as my lightweight/lower power car and a 1995 NSX-R as my more powerful albeit heavier car.  Again, the goal was to see which car could go faster with the same class A rating.

The tune for each car ended up being very similar with slight differences in roll-bar and spring settings for each car.  I assumed I would go faster in the light car as I could outbrake the heavier car and try to carry more speed through each corner (since Maple Valley is a fairly high speed course).  In the end, I was almost 2 seconds faster with the heavier car.  The ’95 felt more composed and a bit easier to drive despite it being 500 pounds heavier.  So,  I’ll go back to the ’92 car and make some changes for next time!

According to the leaderboards online, I am ranked within the top 5% on this course with an A-Class car (out of nearly 600,000 players).  However, the leading lap times with similar cars (NSX GT) are over TEN SECONDS faster!!  Crazy!!  Back to the drawing board…



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