Tuning a Classic – the 16V GTi

The Volkswagen GTI is a classic enthusiast car that has a dedicated fan-base.  Back in the 80’s, the GTI was one of only a few front wheel drive performance cars available.  Competition was limited, but Japan gave us the Honda CRX SI and even Dodge provided the potent Shelby Omni GLHS.

I have always loved the 16V GTI.  They have been popular as inexpensive road racers, autocrossers and even show cars (ala “Max Power magazine from the UK).  These cars have helped lead the sport compact boom in the late ’90s and early ’00s and it’s still relevant.  In fact, I think we owe the recent trend of “flush” wheel fitments to cars like the GTi…those guys have been doing it for a long, long time.

Here is my GTI tune for Forza 4.  With a mild build of around 200hp, you’ll be full throttle on most tracks 90% of the time and it will feel very much like a go-kart.  Add a turbo to the stock motor and tune it to around 300hp and the tune still works well, though you may have to manage a bit of wheelspin by playing with the differential settings.  I used 16 inch wheels with 225/40 tires and the following tune suits me well:

Tire Pressure: F= 27.5, R= 30.0 psi

Camber: F=-2.0, R = -0.8

Toe: = 0

Caster = 5.0

Roll Bars: F=23.00, R=27.00

Springs: F&R= 427 lb/in

Height: F&R= 6.2

Rebound: F=8.0, R=7.5

Bump: F=6.0, R=6.0

Differential: Acceleration= 28%

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