Car of the Week – Subaru Legacy RS

The FIRST ever car of the week has to be special!  Ok, so I know it doesn’t look all that special, but trust me…the Legacy RS is a gem.  In the US, it was known as the Legacy Turbo and Subaru fans have coveted this model since it’s initial release in the early 90’s.

In Forza 4, the Legacy RS is available as downloadable content in the Top Gear car pack from earlier this year.  It may be underpowered compared to other more popular STI models in the game, but it has every ounce of potential.  The Legacy RS has is classed as a D series car in stock form.  With some mods, it will be lighter, more powerful and have more grip than the various STI’s in the game which start as B series cars.

Ok, so there isn’t a lot of sex appeal here like other early 90’s turbo cars like the 300ZX Twin Turbo, but I can’t help but love the way this car looks.  I used old-school style Speedline multispoke wheels in the game which really give this Legacy a classic Rally look.

In the real world, the US version made only 165hp thanks to a small turbo and no intercooler (despite the trick hood scoop).  However, the 2.2 liter block is actually shared with the famed Impreza 22B which made 280hp.  Since many Subaru components are compatible with one another, you can “upgrade” to a better turbo, an intercooler and a set of injectors from a number of WRX/STI models and make good power.  I’ve driven a few modified Legacy Turbo’s in the real world and it’s really a sleeper unlike any other.  If you could personify Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde as a car, this would be it!

Unfortunately, finding a stock car in good shape will be a challenge these days so your experience with this car may be limited to Forza.  Regardless, you’ll still be impressed.  Build one of your own and find out!

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